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Cities, towns, and counties across the United States are members of ICLEI—the largest global network of local governments working to create more sustainable, resilient communities and dedicating to action and solutions around climate, local economics, energy, and natural resources.


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OurMembers_GetConnectedBe part of the leading global association on sustainability. Join a network of the most ambitious and committed cities around the globe advocating for a sustainable future. As one of more than 1,000 Member cities and local governments you have the opportunity to engage with like-minded people working to ensure the supporting framework for cities is high on the political agenda.



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OurMembers_GetInformedGet ahead with the latest news, policies, tools and opportunities on sustainability. ICLEI publishes comprehensive and diverse tools and resources to help Members with their work. We also feature the outstanding work of our Members through case studies, media releases, and newsletters. Members also gain exclusive access to member-only digital publications and tools.



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OurMembers_GetEngaged_v2Gain from ICLEI’s over 25 years of experience in urban sustainability. ICLEI Members benefit from the broad knowledge and expertise within the ICLEI Network. Gain advantage through access to our customized frameworks and cutting-edge tools, such as our ClearPath emissions management system, along with our training and consultancy services for developing overall local sustainability strategies.



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OurMembers_GetEngaged_v4Join ICLEI network cities and take part in the groundbreaking programs, campaigns, and policies. ICLEI Members not only have the opportunity to participate in ICLEI’s international and national projects but also enjoy the opportunity to play a role in the design and pilot phases of these in their own community. Our Members are also among the first to be approached about getting involved in suitable projects to test or develop sustainability measures, as well as advising on policies that inform state, national, and international sustainability standards.



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OurMembers_GetTogether_v2In addition to our US-based working groups and forums for collaboration on domestic solutions, participate in over 50 international events that ICLEI hosts annually. ICLEI Members are part of a worldwide network of local government representatives that are tackling similar challenges. They meet at workshops, online forums, webinars and conferences around the world and online.



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Whether a small town or a major city, you will get dedicated attention and services from ICLEI.