Greenhouse Gas Protocols

ICLEI’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocols provide authoritative guidance for communities to account for carbon pollution accurately and consistently.



What are the GHG Protocols?

Developed through extensive stakeholder consultation and partnership with other leading GHG emissions experts, ICLEI’s GHG Protocols are the national standards for local-scale accounting of emissions that contribute to climate change. ICLEI has developed four protocols for different emissions areas and needs:


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Your ICLEI Support

You don’t have to become a protocol expert in order to create protocol-compliant inventories. ICLEI’s ClearPath tool was built to allow local government staff to easily complete GHG inventories following the US Community Protocol, GPC, and LGO Protocol. In addition, members receive access to ICLEI’s team of emissions management experts so ICLEI members can have their protocol questions directly answered by the protocols’ authors themselves.