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Technical Assistance

With ICLEI Membership, your community will be assigned a technical advisor who will act as your point of contact for all things climate and sustainability related. 

Here for you because
you're here for all of us

At ICLEI USA, we believe local governments will lead the nation in the fight against climate change and so, we equip our ICLEI Members with the necessary tools and resources to adhere to the global call to climate action. Your community’s technical advisor will be there to guide you to the best resources and connect you with our team of experts to complete your climate and sustainability goals.

Expert Technical Team

Ready to provide you with direct, one-on-one support

Years of Experience in:

Developers of:

Advisors Dedicated to your Success

Each ICLEI member is assigned a dedicated technical advisor who will provide your community with:

One-on-One Technical Assistance

10 hours annually


for GHG inventory, climate action and adaptation, and sustainability planning

Our Resource Library

with 30 years of toolkits, checklists, templates and guidebooks

Emissions Forecasts

A set of community-specific, business-as-usual emissions forecasts in ClearPath

Expert Reviews

A set of community-specific, business-as-usual emissions forecasts in ClearPath

Quality Assurance Checks

to ensure protocol compliance or to meet reporting and GCoM commitments

Technical Assistance Testimonials

Mountain Towns Cohort

“We had just started meeting as a cohort of governments to discuss resilience initiatives when we found out about the opportunity to have support from ICLEI through the MT2030 group.  The guidance and resources that ICLEI provided streamlined our process of creating GHG inventories for each city and the county.  At times, it was not easy to “herd cats” so to speak between governments and interns, but Tom showed infinite patience with our questions and extended timeframe due to COVID and an influx of new residents to our remote location in the Wood River Valley of Idaho.  Comparing each city showed surprising differences in the sources of emissions.  We are so excited by this foundation and the opportunity to use the information to develop a Climate Action Plan!  Already, stakeholders are incorporating emissions into decision-making such as evaluating options for recycling collection.  Clean energy goals have been adopted by several jurisdictions.  And, funding has been allocated to create a Regional Sustainability Manager!” 

Sharon Grant
Owner of Eco Edge Consulting and “Chief Cat Herder” for this process

"ICLEI has helped tremendously with San Antonio’s greenhouse gas inventories. The team consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our staff understands the process at each step of the way, offering to write summaries, notate and keep track of changes, and attend meetings and briefings as needed. From transferring our 2016 data from CIRIS to ClearPath, to entering the raw data for 2019, and offering recommendations and best practices, the assistance that was provided to our city and community is truly invaluable."

Minerva Defee
Former Climate Program Manager, Office of Sustainability, San Antonio, TX

“Our ICLEI memberships have paid dividends far greater than the modest fees required. Beyond the rich library of research and tools to advance climate action, and the networking opportunities with like-minded counterparts in other municipalities; the technical assistance and expert guidance that we received from ICLEI allowed us to leverage internal resources to develop our first GHG inventories under the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Inventories. With our baseline inventories archived in ClearPath, we are now using it to crunch our data and identify the most impactful strategies to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions. I look forward to increasing our utilization of ICLEI’s expanding capabilities.”

Rocky Mould
Energy Program Manager, Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency, City and County of Honolulu, HI

"ICLEI's tools are one of a kind, as far as I can tell. Where else can you track data, calculate GHG emissions, and observe trends, all in one remotely maintained platform? I feel confident when I use the tools because ICLEI integrates the latest and greatest methodologies and emissions factors, a big job that is incredibly helpful and so needed in the context of increasingly complex GHG conversations at the local level. And of course, ICLEI always provides excellent and expert support. Thanks!"

Arielle Usher
Former Energy Analyst, Alameda, CA

SEEC Cohort

“The ICLEI-SEEC Cohort Training program was really useful, and we wouldn’t have been able to complete the inventory without it. Anytime we had a question, we were able to call up the ICLEI USA staff. The personal, one-on-one assistance was greatly helpful in walking through different problems and calculations.”

Noe Diaz
CivicSpark Fellow, Gateway Cities Council of Governments, Norwalk, CA