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Our Partnerships

We develop partnerships and collaborations to build opportunities, resources, and tools for our growing network of local governments.

Multilevel Collaboration is Key

The actions of states, regions, utilities, and local governments are critically linked to achieve climate change mitigation and adaptation outcomes.

As ICLEI developed the Contribution Analysis toolkit, we found that in the majority of cities, the largest single driver of GHG reductions was attributable to reduced carbon intensity of the electricity grid – an action primarily driven by state-level renewable energy policies and utility programs.  Likewise, because local and regional governments control most of the decisions related to land use and transportation planning, states are dependent on local policies to achieve statewide climate goals. 

Partner with ICLEI

Together, we will achieve measurable progress towards more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable forms of local and regional development and management.

Low-Emissions Partners


First announced last September, ICLEI USA’s partnership with Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer is an example of a streamlined and improved GHG inventory and emissions management process.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Pennsylvania’s Climate Action Plan identified 19 strategies for success.  Local governments taking action is one of these recommendations. To support this strategy, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Energy Programs Office engages municipalities across the commonwealth via the Local Climate Action Program (LCAP).

Since July 2019, DEP, local universities, and ICLEI have partnered to deliver LCAP learning cohorts.  Local and regional governments receive ICLEI technical support and access to ClearPath to develop GHG inventories and climate action plans.

Resilient Partners

Woodwell Climate Research Center

Woodwell Climate Research Center and ICLEI USA partner to enhance city climate preparedness through increased knowledge of climate science and its relationship to community planning and actions.

Circular Partners


In partnership with a non-profit focused on resource conservation and equity, ICLEI researched Lifecycle GHG emissions Impacts of waste-related activities and upstream GHG reduction measures to develop ClearPath calculators, which allow users to better understand benefits of waste diversion in general and impacts of food waste and dietary choices specifically.