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Accelerate your climate and sustainability action with the oldest and largest network of local governments advancing sustainability. 

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ICLEI Membership Application

Regional, tribal, and educational entities: please reach out to Kale Roberts at to join. 

Local Governments:

  1. Fill out the following application
  2. ICLEI staff will send an invoice
  3. Pay invoice
  4. Register for ClearPath and the ICLEI Community
  5. Your dedicated technical advisor will reach out to set up an initial meeting
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Your Jurisdiction Information

Required Contact Information
Primary Elected Liaison Contact Information

The primary elected official serves as key political figure and lead for all elected officials for your community around climate, energy and sustainability work. It is up to the primary elected official as to how engaged he/she is with ICLEI and we welcome on-going communications. Learn More.

Primary Elected Liaison Name*

Primary Elected Liaison Title*

Primary Elected Liaison Term End*

Primary Elected Liaison Email*

Primary Elected Liaison Phone
Primary Staff Liaison Contact Information

The primary staff liaison serves as the main point of contact for ICLEI resources, technical support and on-going communications. ICLEI members can have multiple staff collaborating with ICLEI and we welcome supporting across all departments and divisions within a member local governments. Learn More.

Primary Staff Liaison Name*

Primary Staff Liaison Title*

Primary Staff Liaison Department*

Primary Staff Liaison Email*

Primary Staff Liaison Phone

Highest Elected Official Contact Information

The highest elected official is top political figure in the community and is recognized by ICLEI in that capacity.

Highest Elected Official Name*

Highest Elected Official Title*

Highest Elected Official Term End*

Highest Elected Official Email*

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Billing and Invoice Recipient Contact Information

The billing contact is the individual who receives and addresses the annual ICLEI membership invoice.

Billing Contact Name*

Billing Contact Title*

Billing Contact Department*

Billing Contact Email*

Billing Contact Phone*

Billing Contact Address*

ICLEI GexComm Voting Contact*

Each ICLEI member has opportunity to vote for ICLEI’s Global Executive Committee, the organization’s governing body, and other internal association matters. Of the contacts you provided, who will be your designated contact for ICLEI voting?

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