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ICLEI members receive free access to ClearPath along with dedicated technical assistance and an in-depth library of ClearPath trainings. 

Thank you for your interest in ICLEI’s ClearPath emissions management tool. If you are based in the United States of America and would like to request access to ClearPath, please fill out the form below.

Currently ClearPath is not available outside the USA, but we are currently working to expand its reach, so if you are a local government or institution outside the USA, we invite you to receive updates on ClearPath’s availability in your area by signing up here.

If you are not an ICLEI Member, but would like to become one now and gain free access to ClearPath in addition to other membership benefits, please complete our membership application.

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If you are not a local government employee, please provide the contact information of the government affiliate which you will be working with.

If you are neither a government employee nor affiliated with a government, but would like access to ClearPath, please provide information on how you intend to use the ClearPath tool for your organization and this will be used in consideration of your application approval.

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ICLEI Members receive free access to the full suite of ClearPath's tools and support services to complete greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventories, forecasts, planning, and monitoring. Non-ICLEI members can purchase a ClearPath license.
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