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Leadership Opportunities

At ICLEI, we support mayors, county commissioners, council members, and other elected officials to take a strong and proactive stance on climate action. Through ICLEI’s role as the United Nations’ focal point organization on local governments — and through initiatives such as Cities Forward, Cities Race to Zero, Cities Race to Resilience, and others — we provide a leadership platform that enables you to make a meaningful impact in your community and globally.

Cities Forward: Commitment to Action

The Cities Forward program, a collaborative partnership of the U.S. Department of State, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, Resilient Cities Catalyst, and The Institute of the Americas provides peer-to-peer exchange, capacity building, and diplomatic engagement, all focused on implementing projects that solve critical urban challenges around sustainability, inclusivity, and resiliency.

ICLEI USA Membership Advisory Group

The Membership Advisory Group will provide insights and recommendations on ICLEI USA membership, including benefits and growth opportunities. 

Serve with ICLEI Governance

Every three years, parallel regional elections take place in all 9 ICLEI regions to elect the ICLEI Global and Regional Executive Committees. Representatives from eligible ICLEI Members can apply in their region by submitting an application, and all eligible ICLEI Members then vote, which is then followed by the ICLEI Global Executive Committee elections.

Meet the ICLEI U.S. Elected Regional Leaders for 2024-2027!

Race to Zero

Race to Zero is a global campaign established by United Nations Climate and UK COP26 Climate Champions during Fall 2020 in order to rally ambitious leadership from all sectors of society — businesses, cities, regions, investors — in order to secure a future of warming that exceeds no more than 1.5 °C.

Race to Resilience

ICLEI USA wants to support your community’s climate resilience journey with our Cities Race to Resilience support package, an exclusive offer for ICLEI USA members that sign on to the Race.

Attend Climate or Nature COPs

ICLEI leaders share their community’s story by attending United Nations’ international conferences on climate (annually around November/December) and nature (every 2 years), offering a unique chance for elected leaders to take the global stage.