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The ICLEI Pathways

A framework for designing integrated solutions that balance the patterns of human life and the built and natural environments.

Low-Emissions Pathway

As the lead author of the greenhouse gas accounting protocols, ICLEI serves as the national authority on emissions management for both government operations and community-wide. We help our members and partners establish baseline, set goals, prioritize, implement and monitor actions toward net-zero emissions by mid-century.

Resilient Pathway

Through resilience planning, ICLEI members and project communities lay the groundwork for recovery following shocks and stresses. Resiliency-centered planning and development improve your ability to protect your community in the case of expected and unexpected disasters. 

Equitable and People-Centered Pathway

A truly resilient community is only achievable when natural and built environments support cohesive communities in which all residents have a voice, and where diversity and cultural identities are woven into the social fabric.

Circular Pathway

Because a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions for many communities come from goods and services that are consumed—rather than from direct activity in the community itself—the circular economy plays an important role for climate-neutral communities.

Nature-Based Pathway

By enhancing biodiversity, ICLEI members safeguard life-supporting resources and support the well-being of their community members, both human and non-human.