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For Tribal Nations

Leverage ICLEI support for your operations or community-wide sustainability.

Tribes join ICLEI as Tribal Affiliates to access our services to advance operational, reservation facilities-focused, or community-wide sustainability. We have helped Tribal Governments develop energy-efficiency analysis, greenhouse gas inventories, and climate and adaptation action plans.

Build your custom journey

To help tribes create more sustainable communities, we provide:

Contact us to map a custom affiliate journey and become part of the largest and longest-running network of governments advancing sustainability and climate action.

How We Work with Tribes

Tribal Affiliates have access to ICLEI’s tools, technical assistance, templates and resources in ways similar to city members but with opportunities specific to the needs of tribes.

Access Tools

Make your data do the work

ICLEI’s industry-leading tools—including ClearPath for climate mitigation, Temperate for climate adaptation, LEARN for forest and trees carbon accounting and more—have been used by more than 600 governments to measure and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for climate impacts, prioritize sustainability actions and collaborate in real time. Tribal governments gain access and technical support to put these tools to work for their community members.

Receive Technical Assistance

Work with the people that wrote the protocols

Each Tribal Affiliate is assigned a dedicated ICLEI technical advisor, who serves as your go-to resource for climate and sustainability support. Through regular check-ins and annual facilitated group-training cohorts, we ensure you’re advancing on your affiliate journey.

Follow Proven Frameworks

Build holistic, systemic change

Hundreds of communities have followed the ICLEI Five Pathways approach to sustainability, and are now applying our enhanced ANALYZE-ACT-ACCELERATE methodology for tackling integrated challenges.

Build Your Staff Capacity

Match your workflow to the support options of your choice

Tribal Affiliates receive one-on-one technical support and enrollment in ICLEI’s annual facilitated group training cohorts. ICLEI experts can coach facilities staff, check sustainability data, review your plans, and serve as allies to launch a green team or support your planning process.

Joint Fundraising

Collaborate with ICLEI

ICLEI works with our Tribal Affiliates to develop grant applications and secure funding to jointly deliver on climate and sustainability.

Tribal Affiliate Story

Lac du Flambeau Energy Analysis and Planning

In 2018, we worked with the Lac du Flambeau Tribe in Wisconsin to quantify any improvements in energy usage and emissions from tribal facilities following several equipment upgrades. The results determined savings from electricity and propane usage for several buildings and offered recommendations for future upgrades and data tracking software, along with green building and energy efficiency standards that will work well for the tribe’s operations. Additional climate analysis contributed to the Tribe’s Climate Adaptation Plan.