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On behalf of the aforementioned local or regional government, I hereby submit this application to become an ICLEI Member and support its mission and principles in the ICLEI Charter, approved by the ICLEI Council on April 12, 2021 and Bylaws approved June 13, 2023.

I understand that ICLEI places no mandates on local or regional governments to take specific actions or adopt specific policies. 

The reference to “mandate” in the Charter is used within the political interpretation (wikipedia), as the authority to act granted by the Association’s constituency (ICLEI Members); meaning the legitimacy of ICLEI’s work towards its mission comes from ICLEI Members. 

Local and regional governments drive ICLEI because the Member Council approves the ICLEI Strategic Plan and the Global and Regional Executive Committees (elected by Members) appoint the Secretary General, approve the expansion/closure of ICLEI operations in different countries, oversee regional programs/operations, and amend the Charter.