ICLEI’s North American Governing Committee Supports a Renewed U.S.-Canada Partnership with Local-Level Action

The Roadmap for a Renewed U.S.-Canada Partnership establishes a blueprint for an ambitious and whole-of-government effort against the COVID-19 pandemic, while addressing some of the most pressing challenges confronting our region, including climate change, global health security, cooperation on defense and security, and our two nations’ shared commitment to diversity, equity, and justice.

As the North American Regional Executive Committee to ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, we welcome this Roadmap and commit to supporting the blueprint through our capacity as the regional governing body for the leading network of 2,250 local governments worldwide committed to sustainability and climate action. As elected representatives and local government officials in Canada and the United States, we are ready to help institutionalize the Roadmap’s calls for equity and increased climate ambition in local efforts to build back better.

“As local leaders, we share in the vision of the President and Prime Minister for a sustainable and inclusive economic recovery that strengthens the middle class and ensures people have good jobs—including in the clean-energy and transition economies—on both sides of the border,” said Ian McVey, Manager of Sustainability, Regional Municipality of Durham. “Green jobs training will happen locally and should include strong diversity and inclusion components. Local governments should be partners in these programs.”

“We welcome the launch of a U.S.-Canadian high-Level climate dialogue to uphold the goals of the Paris Agreement in both countries. As local leaders, we are ready and eager to support the Ministerial’s work on the ground,” said Brigid Shea, Commissioner of Precinct 2 in Travis County, Texas, USA. “The local level is where many of the toughest challenges will be managed, including adapting to the now-inevitable impacts of climate change and finding ways to equitably resettle those forced to migrate to more sustainable locations. Local governments are and will be instrumental to any U.S. and Canadian cross-border climate success.”

ICLEI network cities have been promoting cross-border responses to health and environmental challenges for more than three decades. Of the nearly 1,000 cities and regions designated Pioneers of Climate Ambition globally, more than one third are U.S. and Canadian cities, towns and counties within the ICLEI network that have adopted climate-neutrality targets, are in transition to 100% renewable energy and are divesting from fossil fuels.

About ICLEI’s Regional Executive Committee

ICLEI is led by an elected group of local and regional leaders from across our network. The Regional Executive Committees (RexCom), including for North America, are government officials and elected leaders who come together to form the ICLEI Council, the overarching decision making and guiding body. Our North America RexCom for 2021-2024 is Ms. Brittany MacLean – Corporate & Environmental Performance Officer, City of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; Mr. Ian McVey – Manager of Sustainability, Durham Region, Ontario, Canada; Mr. Matthew Appelbaum – Former Mayor of Boulder, USA; Mayor Frank Cownie – Mayor of Des Moines, USA; and Commissioner Brigid Shea – Precinct  2 of  Travis County, USA.