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ICLEI USA Celebrates Completion of First Circularity Cohort

In 2023, ICLEI USA held its first-ever Circularity Cohort to provide members with the foundations of circularity to act across sectors and value chains to shift away from the linear economy’s “take-make-waste” model and move toward a circular economy.  Sessions focused on applying the Circular City Actions Framework in focus areas, policy instruments, and interventions […]

Building Climate Resilience in Hudson Valley Communities

ICLEI USA partners with the Hudson Valley Regional Council and Hudson River Estuary Program to jumpstart local level climate adaptation in a workshop with Hudson Valley communities. On February 8th, 2024, project partners ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA (ICLEI USA), Hudson Valley Regional Council (HVRC), and Hudson River Estuary Program (HREP) officially kicked […]

1-Year Anniversary of ICLEI USA Action Fund

Thanks to the grant support of, the ICLEI USA Action Fund has three awardees with projects currently underway. Totaling $3 million, the Action Fund projects will support inclusive environmental action through nonprofit partnerships in East Bay, California; Denver, Colorado; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The following provides an update for each of the projects, including highlights, […]

ICLEI USA Agenda at COP28 

With COP28 — the 28th session of the United Nations’ annual “Conference of the Parties” climate conference, this year hosted by the United Arab Emirates in Dubai from November 30th to December 12th — fast approaching, we are preparing for what is becoming one of the most prominent local government-focused COPs in history. ICLEI USA […]


SDG Summit 2023 | United Nations (16-19 Sept) and Climate Ambition Summit | United Nations (20 Sept) Every September, the climate community looks to Climate Week NYC, North America’s predominant climate event, for all-of-society solutions from cities, businesses, youth, and more. Coinciding with the United Nations General Assembly meetings, outcomes can provide insights for what […]

The Future of Climate Action: Innovative Ideas from ICLEI Members

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) members gathered before the Cities Summit of the Americas to explore projects centered around ICLEI’s five pathways: low emissions, nature-based, equitable, resilient, and circular. ICLEI members and staff from around the Americas shared their stories and experiences. “We all know the nations of the world can’t solve these problems themselves,” […]

The Circular Pathway and the Key Role Circularity Plays in Achieving Climate Goals

Integrating circularity into community systems and local economies can drive resilience, climate action, and biodiversity conservation while also offering cities the tools to support social equity, local job creation, public health, and community wealth.  The Cities Summit of the Americas is just around the corner, and ICLEI is excited to host a session on urban […]

ICLEI USA & ResourceX Budgeting for Climate Action Cohort: Integrating Municipal Budgeting and Procurement to Advance Climate Plan Outcomes

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability USA (ICLEI USA) and ResourceX are teaming up to help local governments increase their climate change and sustainability impact through better coordination between climate action, budget and purchasing processes. For over three decades, ICLEI USA has provided the tools, technical assistance, frameworks, and network to advance sustainability and climate action. Combined with ResourceX’s […]

Three Steps to Secure Your Community’s EECBG Climate Funding

It was easy to be pessimistic in 2022 that any substantive federal action on climate would occur.  However, in the waning months of last year, Congress and the Biden Administration were able to get a significant boost in federal funding and investments across the finish line.  Within the Inflation Reduction Act was a directive to […]