Pressing Forward: ICLEI Remote-Success Packs Support Sustainability Momentum

During the health crisis created by the novel coronavirus, local sustainability and resilience staff are experiencing a significant upheaval in their programming, budgets, and daily life. As many are able to switch to remote-working arrangements, uncertainty remains for their projects. In an effort to maintain momentum on climate and sustainability programming, ICLEI offers our remote-success […]

ICLEI Cohort of Mountain Towns Remains Committed to Reducing Climate Impacts

Taking a long-range view of community resilience, 23 cities, towns, and counties from across the U.S. mountain west have joined a collaborative effort to inventory their greenhouse gas emissions as a fundamental step to determine how to reduce their local contribution to climate change. As mountain towns whose economies are largely based on recreation-based tourism, […]

Forest & Trees Carbon Accounting 2020 Training Cohort

Updated April 9, 2020 ICLEI USA’s 2020 Forests & Trees Carbon Accounting Cohort Training Session is a 6-month structured technical assistance program to guide communities in the application of the newly released appendix to the U.S. Community Protocol for GHG Emissons Inventories.  Kicking off September 2020, ICLEI USA staff, with guest forestry experts from Woods […]

Local Leadership, Global Influence: Be part of ICLEI’s Regional Executive Committee 2021-2024

Every three years, ICLEI Members are invited to take part in elections of the Regional Executive Committee (RexCom). The RexCom guides ICLEI USA’s and ICLEI Candada’s strategic direction in sustainable development across North America. Taking an active part in ICLEI’s governance is an excellent opportunity for any committed local government leader to represent their city, […]