Local Leadership, Global Influence: Be part of ICLEI’s Regional Executive Committee 2021-2024

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Every three years, ICLEI Members are invited to take part in elections of the Regional Executive Committee (RexCom). The RexCom guides ICLEI USA’s and ICLEI Candada’s strategic direction in sustainable development across North America.

Taking an active part in ICLEI’s governance is an excellent opportunity for any committed local government leader to represent their city, town or region and be the voice of local and regional governments on a multitude of platforms.

By submitting this form, you herby stand as a candidate for ICLEI RexCom elections and attest that all information is truthful (you can withdraw at any time). Applications are due by Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Structure of RexCom

The ICLEI RexCom for North America will have five members representing both the United States and Canada, with a preferred three candidates from the U.S.  Each RexCom member is encouraged to represent especially under a portfolio from:

  • Climate change mitigation and carbon neutrality
  • Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Finance for sustainable solutions
  • Biodiversity or nature-based solutions
  • Advocacy, such as with state or federal government or utilities
  • Green workforce development, including via the circular economy

The RexCom may also appoint additional persons with special expertise for designated portfolios. The final decision on portfolios will be made after the first meeting of the Global Executive Committee.


In order to be eligible to nominate for RexCom, one should be an elected or appointed political leader from an eligible ICLEI Member within the region, and preferably with Council endorsement. If elected, candidates must be prepared to sign an ICLEI Code of Honor.


March 1- May 29           Call for Candidates

June 1 – June 5               Review of candidates

June 7 – July 5            Voting

September (Virtual, TBC)   First meeting of new Regional Executive Committee to elect “regional seat” to Global Executive Committee

Candidacy and Election Process

The Call for Candidates opened March 1, 2020, and will close on May 29, 2020.  Persons wishing to nominate must complete the candidate application form and return by email to: iclei-usa@iclei.org


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