The Power of Podcasts: ICLEI USA Members Share Climate Action Stories with City Climate Corner

Sharing Climate Action Stories

ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability is the first and largest global network of local and regional governments dedicated to advocating, collaborating, and sharing about local climate action to create a fair, sustainable future for all. 

The ICLEI USA network consists of over 300 members passionate about local action that follows low emissions, nature-based, equitable, resilient, and circular development pathways. Together, ICLEI USA, our members, and partners work to keep 1.5 ℃ alive through data-driven approaches and focus on just and equitable communities. 

Not only do ICLEI USA members collaborate and share solutions for multilevel action, but our members are sharing their insights with the world through the collective power of podcasts. 

Eleven ICLEI USA members shared their community’s climate action and sustainability initiatives with City Climate Corner, a podcast that explores how small and mid-sized cities are tackling climate change and moving toward an equitable and sustainable future. 

By sharing their sustainability stories through podcasts, our members inspire other communities to take ambitious, local climate action. Storytelling is a powerful way to connect communities to collaborate across all levels of government to address the climate crisis.

Are you interested in sharing your community’s climate story?

If you are part of a small to mid-sized city or town (~ less than 200K in population) and have a climate change related story, challenge, or policy implementation from which others can learn, please send City Climate Corner an email at for an opportunity to be interviewed on the podcast. 

ICLEI USA Member Episodes

Tune in and listen to City Climate Corner episodes featuring ICLEI USA members and learn from communities across the United States! ICLEI USA member episodes are available on the links below or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Anchorage AK: Rewriting the Narrative, 3/16/21

What does it look like to engage in a just transition? How can city climate action benefit from inclusive engagement? How do you change an entrenched fossil fuel story about the Alaskan economy? We learn about the impact local entities can have when they work together to address big issues.

Ann Arbor MI: Net Zero by 2030!  7/20/21

About a year ago Ann Arbor adopted an audacious plan of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030 with a total investment of $1 billion. This is faster than just about any other city in the country. We hear how Ann Arbor is doing so far, and how they’re going to achieve their goal. 

Asheville NC: Food Policy Action Plan, 9/14/21

Asheville, NC adopted a food policy action plan in 2013 and updated it in 2017 to ensure residents have access to healthy, nutritious food in the context of creating a thriving and resilient city. We delve into what the plan is, how it relates to climate change, and how it has impacted the city.

Boulder CO: Neighborhood climate action plans, 5/25/21

Boulder Colorado is embarking on a hyper-local neighborhood-based approach to climate action. We learn about an exciting new program to get residents involved and create social capital in the process.

Eugene OR: The Giant Sequoia next door, 10/26/21

Eugene Oregon has some hugely impressive trees and canopy management tools. We learn how trees are intimately woven into Eugene’s climate action plan and how Giant Sequoias are a key part of their urban forest.

Fayetteville AR: Bike City, 5/11/21

In February 2021 Fayetteville was the first city in the US to be awarded the designation of Bike City by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the world governing body of cycling. We learn about their approach to cycling infrastructure in this northwest Arkansas city of about 85,000 people.

Goshen IN: Climate Action with a Conservative City Council, 4/27/21

Goshen is a northern Indiana city of 35,000 people that has had a Republican majority City Council and a Democratic mayor for decades. Yet they’ve made strong progress on climate action. Learn how (hint – young people played a significant role).

Laramie WY: Coal Country Climate Action, 7/6/21

39% of the nation’s coal comes from Wyoming. Yet there are some strong local movements for renewable energy and climate action. Learn how a unique and powerful coalition of climate activists, university students, and city officials inspired Laramie’s recent commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Lexington MA: Efficient Buildings & Electrification, 8/3/21

Over a decade ago Lexington adopted a stretch energy code for buildings. Then about 20% better than the existing code, this stretch code was adopted statewide and eventually in 47 other states. Now Lexington has built several all electric buildings and is looking to do more, including banning new fossil fuel infrastructure. 

Tacoma WA: Declaring a Climate Emergency, 6/22/21

In December 2019, Tacoma declared a climate emergency. We examine why they did it and how it has been a springboard for more aggressive climate goals and an increased focus on climate justice. 

Savannah GA: Trees – Jobs – Climate, 8/31/21

In 2018, Savannah received a grant to create an urban tree nursery to grow their tree canopy, mitigate the increasing impacts of climate related flooding, do workforce development, and engage the community. We learn how the program has gone and the life-changing impacts it has had.