Local action upholding the Paris Agreement – five-year anniversary review

As we look forward to our national government reengaging in global climate action, let’s look back at how local action supported the Paris Agreement since its ratification. In the last five years, local governments have diligently implemented integrated, science-based, and engaging action – three focuses of the Paris Agreement. Together, these three areas build communities’ […]

Moving from Commitments to Action: ICLEI USA 2017 Annual Report

The overwhelming response to the announcement that the U.S. would “renegotiate” the Paris Agreement was swift and amplified by governors, investors, businesses and universities who declare #WeAreStillIn! Local governments globally solidified this position by adopting the Bonn-Fiji Commitment at the Climate Summit for Local and Regional Leaders at COP23. We, therefore, accelerate our advocacy and technical implementation offerings, knowing that with or without national support, […]

Local Leaders in the ICLEI USA Network Support International Climate Action

ICLEI USA mayors and council members comprise the U.S. delegation to the COP21 events in Paris The national government of the United States has walked away from international climate action by announcing its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement — ICLEI and its members have not. Since the early 1990’s – long before President […]