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New Guidance for 24/7 Hourly Accounting of GHG Emissions From Community Electricity Usage

We are excited to announce that our technical experts have developed new guidance on hourly (24/7) accounting of community-scale electricity greenhouse (GHG) emissions. This guidance outlines how communities can determine hourly emissions from community-wide electricity usage as part of a local GHG inventory, now an optional method under the U.S. Community Protocol.

By using a 24/7 approach, communities can:

  • Avoid a disconnect between nominal clean electricity percentage and emissions,
  • Drive support for the development of electricity storage and other necessary technologies for a 100% clean grid, and
  • Identify potential policies for demand management and shifting.

Watch the video to learn about ICLEI’s new draft guidance for accounting of GHG emissions from community electricity usage on a 24/7 hourly basis. Learn about how a 24/7 approach can inform policies, how to do the accounting, and what data sources are available.