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Lansing, MI Wedge Analysis


Start: February 2022
End: June 2022
Client or funder: City of Lansing, MI


The City of Lansing is committed to creating a sustainable community and is leading by example through its Climate Action Plan (CAP) for municipal operations. The CAP includes goals to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and provide long-term operational savings while protecting the environment.

The city is also working towards community-wide sustainability goals.  It is developing a community GHG inventory and emissions-reduction forecast from which it will develop a community sustainability plan, to include a GHG analysis and priority list of actions to meet its goal.

Project Activity

ICLEI USA worked with Lansing staff and stakeholders to develop a wedge analysis to inform pathways to achieve its 2030 and 2050 community scale and municipal operations GHG emissions reduction targets.


Completed deliverables
– Completed memo of modeled emissions results
Number of strategies
– 8 strategies and 2 scenarios for community-wide analysis
– 5 strategies for local government analysis

Those Involved

Lansing, MI