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John Hopkins University


Start: 07/5/2023
End: 12/12/2023
Client or funder: John Hopkins University


ICLEI USA provided technical assistance to students using the ClearPath Climate Planner tool to create community-wide or local government operations inventories. Through virtual presentations and office hours, our staff ensured students’ inventories adhered to the U.S. Community Protocol and Local Government Operations Protocol and accurately represented emissions for their respective community or local government.

Project Activity

Students at Johns Hopkins University created greenhouse gas inventories for several communities and local governments utilizing ICLEI’s ClearPath software. However, this course is the first introduction to the tool for these students, and they require the support of ICLEI staff to learn how to properly develop community-wide and local government operations inventories with the data they’ve received from their assigned communities and local governments.


ICLEI USA provided a technical advisor to instruct students in their use of ClearPath to create community-wide and local government operation inventories for their respective clients.

Those Involved

Harrisburg, PA
Etna, PA
Carlisle Borough, PA
Derry Township, PA