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Gonzales, LA Wedge and Vulnerability Assessment


Start: February 2022
End: November 2022
Client or funder: City of Gonzales, Louisiana
Collaborators: The Center for Planning Excellence


To create its Climate Action Plan, the City of Gonzales, LA, contracted with the Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) and ICLEI USA to conduct a wedge analysis and climate vulnerability assessment. The wedge analysis was conducted to inform reduction targets and actions for the plan.

ICLEI USA also conducted a climate vulnerability assessment to identify the impacts climate change would have on the city, critical systems, and frontline communities.

Project Activity

ICLEI USA conducted a wedge analysis of potential emissions reductions from high-level actions. In addition, ICLEI USA provided input to CPEX on more detailed mitigation actions for inclusion in the plan.

For the climate vulnerability assessment, ICLEI USA identified climate hazards and impacts in Gonzales and worked with CPEX to compile a list of adaptation actions for the city.


Completion of final deliverables: wedge analysis and CVA

Those Involved

City of Gonzales, Louisiana