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Global Covenant of Mayors Helpdesk Support


Start: October 2020
End: February 2021
Client or funder: Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM)
Collaborators: CDP; Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN)


This project was created to help US local governments with reporting their inventory, mitigation targets, climate action plan, vulnerability assessments, and adaptation plans and goals so they could report to the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) properly.

Project Activity

The project was split into 4 parts: 1) identify NGOs in the US that help local governments and support them in climate action and reporting to GCoM 2) host a nation-wide webinar for any local US government to join and be trained on reporting to the CDP-ICLEI reporting platform in GCoM compliance 3) provide assistance with the reporting (if a city submitted their CAP and it came back non-compliant) 4) testing a tool that helps review climate action plans to ensure they are aligned with the Paris Agreement.

ICLEI provided technical assistance to communities developing inventories and hosted a webinar to run communities through reporting to GCoM. When communities reached out for one-on-one assistance, ICLEI provided support.

Cities reported their emissions through the CDP-ICLEI platform and GCoM reviewed submissions and provided feedback. ICLEI followed up with communities on why their plans were not compliant. ICLEI made sure communities reported correctly and took the necessary steps to address their GHG emissions.

Through the HelpDesk, ICLEI assisted cities with their inventory, planning, and implementation.


Trained 24 communities in GCoM webinar.
Provided one-on-one assistance to 9 communities.

Those Involved

24 U.S. cities and counties