ICLEI Leadership Supports a U.S.-Mexico Partnership with Local-Level Climate Action

In their Joint Declaration on United States-Mexico collaboration issued on March 1, President Biden and President López Obrador highlight the importance of tackling the climate crisis, while strengthening coordination on migration, the economy, security, and COVID-19 recovery. As board members of the U.S. and Mexico country offices of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, we welcome the Joint Declaration and recognize the interlinked challenges these priorities represent for our communities. 

Through our roles as mayors and local leaders in each country, we are ready to support the Presidents’ vision for enhanced cross-border cooperation and will work through ICLEl’s unique channels as the leading global network of 2,250 cities, towns, and regions dedicated to sustainability and climate action to advance this shared agenda. 

“As local leaders, we share in the vision President Biden and President López Obrador put forth for a sustainable and inclusive economic recovery that builds on the extensive historical, cultural, and commercial ties our countries—and communities—share. Fighting climate change is a challenge for the local governments of both countries; However, Mexico and the United States have a great opportunity to collaborate together in the area of green jobs, renewable energies and in adaptation and resilience projects.” Said Gabriela Gamboa, Mayor of Metepec and ICLEI Mexico Board Chair

“We welcome the U.S. and Mexico’s commitment to immigration policies that recognizes the dignity of migrants and the imperative of orderly, safe, and regular migration. We also know that climate change presents a root cause of present and future migration. Cities and counties will need much more support to prepare for the movement of people in an increasingly hot, dry, and unpredictable world.” Said Commissioner Brigid Shea, Precinct 2, Travis County, Texas, USA and ICLEI USA Board Chair. ICLEI is a network of cities that have been promoting cross-border responses to climate, nature, and equity challenges for more than three decades. Of the nearly 1,000 cities and regions designated Pioneers of Climate Ambition globally, more than one-third are U.S. and Mexican cities, towns and counties within the ICLEl network that have adopted climate-neutrality targets, are in transition to 100% renewable energy, and are divesting from fossil fuels.

See declaration.

Gabriela Gamboa, Mayor of Metepec & ICLEI Mexico Board Chair

Brigid Shea, County Commissioner, Precinct 2, Travis County, TX & ICLEI USA Board Chair