ICLEI President, Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie, Commends Inflation Reduction Act Signing, Shows How U.S. Local Governments Can Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Local leaders and communities are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) empowers communities and leaders to implement more equitable climate solutions. Through IRA, the United States will meaningfully reduce GHG emissions and strengthen community resilience to climate change.

“This is a historic investment of $369 billion for the country. I am proud to say that for years, the City of Des Moines has had a seat at the table and a voice in the discussion of this important and comprehensive work. We will continue to be a leader in America’s response to climate change and I look forward to the opportunities this will present to our residents, businesses, and governmental operations in reducing the greenhouse gasses that affect our local and global environments.” said Des Moines Mayor and ICLEI global president, Frank Cownie.

The IRA also serves to strengthen local government partnerships with civil society, states, local utilities, and transportation planning agencies to advance GHG reductions. Des Moines Mayor Cownie is the first U.S. leader to sign on to the 24/7 Carbon Free Energy compact, which aims to move the country to carbon-free electricity every hour of every day.  

How the IRA Supports U.S. Local Governments to Implement High-Impact Climate Actions

ICLEI USA has created nearly 150 High-Impact Action summaries showing our network how local governments—including for the City of Des Moines—can take action by 2030 that puts them on track to achieve carbon neutrality in line with the Paris Agreement.

Des Moines’ summary below exemplifies how their high-impact actions can be implemented through IRA investments. Ready to work with ICLEI USA to secure IRA funding and achieve carbon neutrality? Contact us to map your city, county, or regional high-impact actions to the Inflation Reduction Act.