How Will Local Governments Connect at ICLEI World Congress 2018?

ICLEI network mayors and city staff march for on a Day of Action at ICLEI World Congress 2015 in Seoul, Republic of Korea

At the ICLEI World Congress 2018 in June 2018, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and Ville de Montréal will bring together hundreds of mayors, governors, city staff, international organizations, business leaders and researchers to share their ideas, successes and challenges in advancing sustainable urban development worldwide.

Participants will grow their networks and exchange ideas through city-to-city meetings, bilateral dialogues, and webinars, while attendees and non-attendees alike can showcase their work and projects though videos and posters visible throughout the venue. These opportunities are open to facilitate peer-city learning and strengthen global and North American city networks and partnerships.

Meet with peers and partners at the City Exchange space

Throughout the ICLEI World Congress 2018, local and regional representatives will be able to book meeting rooms to exchange experiences, points of views and ideas with peers and partners — from the private sector, international organizations, and research, among others. ICLEI can help facilitate these meetings through city-to-city dialogues, and other bilateral meetings to discuss topics of mutual interest and present your local and regional initiatives.

How? If you wish to meet with peers or partners that you already know and with whom you have already established communication with, please contact the ICLEI World Congress staff at to express your interest in reserving a timeslot in the City Exchange space. If you would like to meet with a counterpart, but have not yet established the communication, and would like ICLEI to facilitate the dialogue, please contact ICLEI USA at

Showcase your work in video

Throughout the event, videos will be played to explore the best practices of the broader ICLEI network regarding selected topics. All cities and regions are encouraged to submit a video, especially those which are unable to attend the World Congress but still wish to share their sustainability successes.

How? Record an engaging 20-second video involving the Mayor or high-level city staff representative in one of the two following formats:

  1. a) Describe the general sustainability focus of your city or region, and give an example
  2. b) Describe and give an example of a specific sustainability initiative in your city and region, which centers on one or more of the following topics:

Systemic resilience
Inclusiveness and reconciliation
Collaborative governance
Circular economy in cities and regions
Sustainable procurement
Sustainable financing and investment
Low carbon policies
Integrated climate action
Nature-based solutions
Smart cities
Safe and healthy cities

Submit a poster showcasing your local initiatives

During the World Congress, the Global Gallery of Local Action poster exhibition will be displayed throughout the venue, detailing key sustainability initiatives from the ICLEI network. By submitting a poster, participants and non-participants can showcase key projects in their cities and regions, allowing a wide range of attendees to discover the vital work being carried out within the ICLEI network.

How? In the next mailing we distribute a template of the poster and a detailed information sheet about what information we need from you. We invite you to think about this offer focusing on innovative projects and key sustainable areas that involve your municipality/organization. Below is an example poster from a past ICLEI event:

Join our webinar series

In the build-up to the World Congress, a series of four webinars- hosted by ICLEI, local governments and various partners- will offer the opportunity to start a discussion that will deepen during the World Congress through plenaries, sub-plenaries, focus sessions, workshops and all networking opportunities the Congress aims to offer to its participants. These monthly webinars are open to anyone interested, regardless of attendance at the World Congress. The webinars will be held in the last week of each month.

List of the four thematic webinars:

  1. February 2018: “Circular Economies in Cities”
  2. March 2018: “Climate Action and Research”
  3. April 2018: “Cities with nature”
  4. May 2018: topic to be determined

Watch a welcome video from Mayor Valérie Plante of Montréal, inviting you, and join in the action: Registration is now open at

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