Comment on National Climate Assessment by Aug. 14

Why are National Climate Assessment Comments Important?

The Federal Advisory Committee is working as quickly as we can to prepare a special report that identifies critical next steps in the NCA process. The Committee’s charter is up for renewal, and with each passing day, renewal seems less likely. This truncates the time available for completion of the report and puts a premium on input from experts and the public in the near term.

How to Submit Your Comments

The process for submitting input is really simple: Just sends an email to . All comments will be collated and made publicly available, as well as being considered by the Committee. In brief, we are interested in comments on the following:
  • input regarding what information or support people need from the national assessment — this doesn’t have to be limited to “reports” but can include things like regional engagement workshops, climate scenarios, etc.;
  • suggestions for the engagement process (workshops, user networks, capacity building, surveys, etc.), either to improve current approaches or add new ones that will improve communication among users, the science community, and the program;
  • updated suggestions of what core products are most useful to and need to be sustained over time (the report every 4 years; scenarios; observations; methodologies, etc.);
  • how best to support users in tailoring the “core products” mentioned in the previous bullet for their own uses, e.g., local data/scenarios, vulnerability maps, indicators, etc.;
  • suggestions on evaluation of the NCA so it improves over time, for example ideas for data collection, funding of independent evaluation research, etc.

Documents to Comment On

Here is the link to the FAC website that requests input, and see a fuller description of the topics we are addressing here.
Please submit a comment by 8/14 to, and send the information above to colleagues who can also help.