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Consumption-Based Emissions Inventory Cohort

Efforts focused on the elimination of fossil fuels are critical, but do not fully address the climate crisis if consumption patterns remain unchanged. From land management to the production of buildings, vehicles, food, and consumer goods and services, 45 percent of global emissions are directly linked to our lifestyles.  ICLEI is eager to target sustainable production and consumption in cities to help confront the challenge of consumption-based emissions.

This Consumption-Based Emissions Inventory (CBEI) Cohort provides structured technical assistance to guide ICLEI members through the steps of creating a consumption based greenhouse gas inventory as a baseline to support local policies and programs to operationalize the transition to a circular economy from infrastructure, business and community perspectives. Participants may choose to conduct a consumption survey of their community members, or may rely on downscaling of national or state data.

The cohort will assist up to 15 cities or counties as they create a CBEI following either complementary frameworks for the U.S. Community Protocol (USCP) or procedures in line with those required by Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy’s Common Reporting Framework (CRF).

At a Glance

Open To:

ICLEI Members, Cities, Counties

# Participants:



Apr 2021 through Oct 2021


400 - Advanced




Low Emissions, Circular


ICLEI estimates the value of this instruction at $15,000 per community: 7 hours of group instruction, 16 hours of individual support, access to tools and peer network, and recognition.


Open to ICLEI members only. ClearPath GHG inventory developed within the past three years.

Who Will Participate

Up to 15 ICLEI members will participate.

Effort Level

Participants will attend live virtual training sessions and complete tasks between sessions. ICLEI technical experts will provide individual coaching sessions. Expect 50 hours of effort during the eight-month cohort duration.


Exact dates pending participant input.

Session 1: Intro to consumption based inventories

Session 2: Survey design and dissemination

Session 3: Downscaling and adjusting data

Session 4: Understanding life cycle emissions factors

One-on-one check-ins

Session 5: Round robin comparison of results

Session 6: Policies, communicating results

Session 7: Takeaways and next steps

One-on-one, ongoing membership support


Contact your ICLEI Technical Advisor or email