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Community Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory & Forecast Cohort

Join this cohort to conduct a Community-wide Greenhouse Gas inventory (GHGI).  This structured technical assistance program guides local governments through the steps of creating a GHGI, targets, and forecasts in ICLEI’s ClearPath emissions management software application. The Training Session is available to ICLEI Members at no cost.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will have conducted a GHG Inventory and Business-as-Usual emissions forecast as basis for climate action planning.

Program participants will have exclusive access to the following resources:

  • Live, 1.5 hour web-based presentations
  • Peer exchange and learning
  • One-on-one assistance with inventorying and forecasting

Trainings will take place every two weeks to four weeks. Participants will have access to recorded sessions and resources. Session materials will support participants in conducting a communitywide GHG inventory and a Business-as-Usual emissions forecast. 

At a Glance

Open To:

ICLEI Members, Cities, Counties

# Participants:



Jun 2022 through Nov 2022


100 - Introductory




Low Emissions


ICLEI estimates the value of this instruction at $7,000 per community: 10-15 hours of group instruction, 1:1 individual support, access to tools and peer network, and recognition.


Open to ICLEI members only. Participants must establish a ClearPath account and participate in virtual sessions.

Who Will Participate

Up to 20 ICLEI members will participate. Priority will be given to local governments that have never completed a community GHG inventory. Local governments working with interns or students are also welcome to apply.

Effort Level

Participants will attend live virtual training sessions every 2-4 weeks and complete tasks between sessions. ICLEI technical experts will provide individual coaching sessions. Expect 50-70hours of effort during the 6-month cohort duration.


The cohort schedule includes a work break and dynamically spaced sessions, which allows all participants to complete the cohort goal in a timeline manner.


Contact your ICLEI Technical Advisor or email