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Inventory Module

There are two types of accounts within Inventory Module of ClearPath: community-scale and government operations. ClearPath users can simultaneously manage multiple government operations and community-scale inventories. Calculations are carried out according to methods provided in the industry-standard protocols created and supported by ICLEI. Data entry is simplified through a clean user-interface with help text and instructions available at every step to guide users through the process. Users have control over many of the emissions factors and other coefficients that may be unique to their community. Reporting options provide rich visualizations and exports in .csv format. Furthermore, users can have the power to track government and community level performance through the grouping tab feature which allows for greater understanding of municipal and community level energy and emissions metrics.

Forecasting Module

Developing detailed activity and emissions forecasts has never been easier. Users can either begin from scratch or connect directly to the outputs of a completed inventory. Users can apply custom growth rates with a broad brush or at fine detail, and can account for the impact of actions taken by higher levels of government such as renewable portfolio standards or fuel economy standards. Completed forecasts can be used to generate attractive charts and reports that serve as the foundation for a Climate Action Plan.

Planning Module

The Planning Module of ClearPath is a reimagined version of ICLEI’s Climate and Air Pollution Planning Assistant (CAPPA) tool, allowing for analysis of emissions reductions potential from Climate Action Plan measures. Users still have access to a wide range of reduction measures, but can now interactively apply them in a scenario planner to visualize their impact on the emissions forecast in real time. This module introduces new cutting edge capabilities not available in other tools, including:

Monitoring Module

With the Monitoring module, users have the power to actively monitor and track government operations and community scale implementation measures created in the Planning Module. Users can better interpret their data and support a process of continuous improvement in climate performance. Extensive monitoring reports provide users with the added benefit of comparing whether or not actual implementation measures are performing as envisioned in adopted action plans.

Technical Support

The complete technical support package for ClearPath is reserved for ICLEI Members and local governments who purchase an annual subscription license only; ICLEI Members and Licensees have the opportunity to email, call ICLEI staff to troubleshoot questions as needed, join office hours, as well as set up individual webinars for visual instruction and collaboration. All ClearPath users have access to technical support packages and user guides for their ClearPath module.