ClearPath – cCR, One-Click Reporting is Live!

Carbonn Climate Registry Reporting Just Got Easier: One-click Reporting from ClearPath is Available Today!

Local governments around the world share their climate data in the carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) to build trust and demonstrate progress.  More than 500 cities worldwide have committed to undertaking and reporting on a series of climate actions through the Compact of Mayors campaign, including development of a GHG emissions inventory in their first year of campaign participation.  Now cCR cities can import their inventory data from the ClearPath platform with the click of a button.  This feature advances ICLEI’s efforts to simplify and streamline emissions data management by connecting ClearPath with other tools, in response to strong stakeholder demand.

ICLEI USA’s ClearPath platform is the world’s most widely-used tool for calculating community-scale GHG inventories, forecasts, and climate action plans.  As part of the Compact of Mayors, the platform’s GHG inventory module – called ClearPath Basic – is available at no cost to any local government worldwide for performing inventories consistent with the Global Protocol for Community-Scale GHG Inventories (GPC).  Users enter data about activities in their community and ClearPath calculates their carbon footprint.  To reduce the reporting burden on local governments, ICLEI has created an online connection that allows this emissions data to be sent to cCR simply by clicking a button in ClearPath.  Reporting to other platforms such as Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is still an option using ClearPath’s report exports and manual data entry.

ClearPath users can get started by referencing the cCR Reporting Instructions found in their ClearPath account home page.

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We’re proud to introduce this new feature today in association with the Compact of Mayors and with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies.