ICLEI is committed to producing high-quality research, including protocols, case studies, guidelines, and policy reports. Our publications are held to high standards of excellence, transparency, and rigor. We also ensure that all of our publications are timely, fit for our audience, and rooted in a strategic plan for achieving positive change.

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Learn at your own pace or revisit lessons on how ICLEI’s tools and programs can help you meet your sustainability goals by watching recordings of our webinars. From emissions management to implementing low-cost efficient energy, we take you through it step by step. If you would like to join an upcoming webinar, please visit our Trainings page.

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ICLEI’s expert staff is trained on climate and energy to better help you understand these topics and more easily implement them in your area. We provide on-the-ground trainings across the nation, offer personal trainings, and host webinars with interactive forums. No matter where you at, ICLEI can help you and empower you to lead these sustainability initiatives in your community.

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