ClearPath™ is the leading online software platform for completing greenhouse gas inventories, forecasts, climate action plans, and monitoring at the community-wide or government-operations scales.


What is ClearPath?

ClearPath is a powerful, advanced web application for energy and emissions management. As a cloud-based tool, it’s easier than ever to store your data, collaborate with colleagues, and use new features as soon as they are available. With hundreds of users and free availability of our community-scale inventory module to Global Covenant of Mayors signatories nationwide, ClearPath is the most widely-used software tool for managing local climate mitigation efforts.


Why ClearPath

  • Develop protocol-compliant emissions inventories
  • Forecast multiple scenarios for future emissions
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of emissions reduction measures
  • Visualize alternative planning scenarios
  • Track your progress over time
  • Guidance and training at your fingertips

ClearPath Features


Join ClearPath

Local governments using ICLEI’s ClearPath are making measurable progress towards their climate change goals — join them now! As part of our partnership with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, the platform’s community-scale inventory tool (ClearPath Basic) is available to any U.S. local government that becomes a signatory. Register here today.

In the United States, the entire platform including inventory, forecasting, planning, and monitoring (ClearPath Pro) is free to ICLEI Members, Regional Affiliates, and their consultants. Non-members can also purchase ClearPath Pro annual subscriptions — contact us for details on pricing.

If you are in the California region, any local government can use the ClearPath platform at no-cost through our Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative program.

Click here to apply for ClearPath and learn more about the ClearPath Basic and Pro user options.

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Your ICLEI Support

ClearPath is built for ease of use, but as part of ICLEI membership, ICLEI provides additional support through in-depth training on each step of ClearPath’s setup and use. These trainings are delivered through both live webinars and through online, self-paced learning modules that you can access at any time.

As an ICLEI member, you also have access to ICLEI’s technical assistance experts whenever you need help. We also hold open “office hours” scheduled on the tool’s home screen.