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(Land Emissions And Removals Navigator)

Estimate the local greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of your forests and trees. Free to use.

Simplify your GHG Accounting

LEARN combines methods outlined in the ICLEI Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s Appendix J with national data sources to derive a first-order approximation of annual GHG impacts over a given time period. Results can be saved as a report and entered into ICLEI’s ClearPath GHG reporting tool.

Get Data Quickly

With relatively simple input, users can get a general understanding of annual emissions and removals from forest and trees outside of forests (urban forests) for their community. 

Customize for your Community

With additional inputs like custom GIS layers, LiDAR or tree canopy data, get finer resolution data specific to their community.

Integrate with your Work

The tool provides a report and tables to utilize in ClearPath, Public documents, and Climate/Sustainability Plans. 

It takes a team

This tool was developed with support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Climate and Land Use Alliance and in partnership with WRI and Woodwell Climate Center.