Equity Pathway

Equitable and people-centered development builds more just, livable and inclusive communities and addresses the systemic causes of poverty. Equitable development is inclusive development that safeguards the natural support systems for human life.  Equitable and people-centered development ensures that the natural and built environment in and around communities cities improves livability, opportunity, safety and health. It secures access to food, water, energy, sanitation, culture and education, and clean air and soil for all in human-centered, safe, and culturally vibrant communities.

Our Programs, Resources, & Tools

Justice_ProgramsClimate equity is a concept that ICLEI fully incorporates into each of its local government program offerings. Climate equity is interwoven into Five Milestones process and through our integrated climate action planning tools and resources.

Our Services

Justice_CommitmentClimate equity is a crucial topic for local governments to address as most U.S. cities face widening inequality gaps, exacerbated by the negative impacts of climate change. We work with partner organizations to support local governments on this topic, addressing challenges and opportunities, while promoting the great strides that have already been made in many ICLEI network communities.  To join this effort please contact us.