Climate Equity

Climate equity ensures that all people have the opportunity to benefit equally from climate solutions, while not taking on an un-equal burden of climate impacts. ICLEI’s mission is to support local governments in developing solutions to address climate justice through policy advocacy and strategies for more robust community engagement.


Our Programs, Resources, & Tools

Justice_ProgramsClimate equity is a concept that ICLEI fully incorporates into each of its local government program offerings. Climate equity is interwoven into Five Milestones process. In addition, underserved communities are being given particular focus in programs like the Solar Outreach Partnership and the Colorado River Basin Water Conservation program, while new climate justice programs are being rolled out, including our Unite2Green Hayward project.

Our Programs

Unite2Green Hayward
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Educating and empowering community members in Hayward’s Jackson Triangle neighborhood to take action against the negative effects of climate change on their health, finances, and security.


Our Network

Justice_NetworkICLEI is developing a network of leading local governments and non-profit organizations to lead a working group on climate equity. This group will advise ICLEI on new equity programmatic offerings and will take the lead in developing new equity tools and resources. The group will also serve as a regular platform to share best practices and facilitate partnership on other equity efforts. To join this effort please contact us.



Our Commitments

Justice_CommitmentICLEI USA is fully committed to building out our climate equity program offering to fit our members’ needs. Climate equity is a crucial topic for local governments to address as most U.S. cities face widening inequality gaps, exacerbated by the negative impacts of climate change. We are working with partner organizations that are already leading great efforts in this field to join us in our effort to support our local governments on this topic. ICLEI will be addressing not only the challenges, but also the opportunities that exist, while promoting the great strides that have already been made.