Montreal Protocol Announcement

On September 22, 2016, the White House called on fellow world leaders to support an ambitious amendment to the Montreal Protocol that will phasedown hydrofluorocarbon (HFCs) with the aim of avoiding 0.5oC of global warming by the end of the century. Because HFCs are one of the most potent greenhouse gases, any action to quickly reduce their use could significantly contribute to global efforts to meet a 2 degree target. In close coordination with companies and organizations representing sub-national governments, the White House is asking for your support in encouraging parties to adopt an ambitious amendment to the Montreal Protocol when they meet next month in Kigali, Rwanda for negotiations.

Through the Paris Agreement, governments have made significant commitments to reduce emissions – but current commitments are not yet enough to achieve the vision of maxing out warming at 2 degrees.  Addressing the use of HFCs through the Montreal Protocol gets us 0.5 degrees closer.  As cities, like yours, are working towards delivering on the goals of the Paris Agreement—as well as reaching compliance with the Compact of Mayors and the new Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy—this is an opportunity for you to support one of the most significant steps in ensuring the success of the Agreement and respond to a call to action from the U.S. government. You can show your support by (1) amplifying the White House statement included in the attached toolkit and (2) using the social content in the attached toolkit for your digital channels both on September 22nd. In addition, the White House will be accepting signatories of support from cities through October 10, when negotiations on the Montreal Protocol will be taking place in Rwanda.

White House Statement
“By avoiding up to 0.5°C of warming by the end of the century, a Montreal Protocol hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phasedown amendment is one of the most significant steps the world can take now to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement. Today, we call upon world leaders to adopt in October an ambitious amendment to the Montreal Protocol, including an early first reduction step for Article 2 countries and a freeze date for Article 5 countries that is as early as practicable, and we declare our intent to work to reduce the use and emissions of high-global-warming-potential HFCs and transition over time to more sustainable alternatives in a manner that maintains or increases energy efficiency‎.”

For more information, please see this document from The Incite Agency.