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Integrated Climate Action Planning cohort

ICLEI’s Integrated Climate Action Planning (CAP) Cohort, is a structured technical assistance program to guide local governments through the steps of developing:

  • Climate vulnerability assessment
  • GHG reduction targets
  • Climate adaptation goals
  • Climate adaptation and mitigation strategies
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Communication strategies
  • Narrative document for internal and external audiences

This multi-month cohort is planned for 18 months.  ICLEI experts will assist up to 18 cities or counties in the development of an integrated Climate Action Plan, inclusive of climate equity, mitigation and adaptation elements. Participants will receive individual assistance to use ClearPath’s forecasting and planning modules and access Temperate, which will display potential future climate hazards for the user’s location, based on localized data from over 30 climate models and the regional findings of the 2014 National Climate Assessment.

At a Glance

Open To:

ICLEI Members, Cities, Counties

# Participants:



Mar 2021 through Sep 2022


300 - Upper-Intermediate




Low Emissions, Resilient, Equity / People Centered


ICLEI estimates the value of this instruction at $25,000 per community: 46 hours of group instruction, 36 hours of individual support, $1500 paid by ICLEI to access Temperate, access to additional tools and peer network, and recognition.


Members must commit to ICLEI membership through December 2022. Must have a ClearPath GHG inventory developed within the past three years. Communities should have a citizen climate task force in place or planned and a commitment from the highest level elected official to publish the results of the CAP.

Who Will Participate

We recommend that communities have one focal point who can attend each session and serve as the coordinator of the effort. In addition to the focal point, there may be others within the community that could provide support to the effort. For example, policymakers may wish to attend sessions, those responsible for managing risk and budgets, emergency services, infrastructure, community programs, and communications professionals.

Effort Level

This training is a step-by-step approach to building an integrated CAP. For each session, we have indicated expected “homework” to be completed prior to the start of the next session, as well as the skills necessary to complete the assignment.


Final dates to be established based on participants’ availability.

Optional Q&A Open Office (March 2021)

Session 1: Climate Action Planning Introduction and Community Goals (April 2021)

Session 2: Climate Action Planning for Community Engagement and Equity (May 2021)

Session 3: Introduction to Vulnerability Assessments (June 2021)

Session 4: TEMPERATE Tool Demonstration for Vulnerability Assessments (July 2021)

Session 5:Developing and Prioritizing Adaptation Strategies (August 2021)

Session 6: Using Greenhouse Gas Inventory Results to Forecast in the ClearPath Tool (September 2021)

Session 7: Developing and Prioritizing Mitigation Strategies (October 2021)

Session 8: Round Robin on Progress and Challenges (November 2021)

One-on-One Check-ins and Modeling Support (December 2021-February 2022)

Session 9: Round Robin on Community Engagement (March 2022)

Session 10: Publishing the Plan and Communications (April 2022)

Session 11: Implementation and Monitoring (May 2022)

Direct, Ongoing Membership Support (June 2022-August 2022)

Session 12: Cohort Debrief (Sep 2022)


Contact your ICLEI Technical Advisor or email