ClearPath™ is an all-in-one suite of online tools to complete greenhouse gas inventories, forecasts, and climate action plans at the community-wide or government operations scale. Local governments using ICLEI’s ClearPath are making meaningful progress on reducing emissions and strengthening future growth.

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Greenhouse Gas Protocols


ICLEI’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocols provide a clear and consistent framework for communities to account for emissions that contribute to climate change. Developed through extensive stakeholder consultation and partnership with other leading GHG emissions experts, ICLEI’s GHG Protocols are the national standards for local-scale accounting of emissions that contribute to climate change.

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Alameda City Hall, Santa Clara Ave and Oak St, Alameda, CA

ADAPT is a cloud-based software application for managing local climate adaptation analysis and planning processes. It provides a convenient way to organize preparedness efforts, enabling local government staff to scope out adaptation efforts, identify and manage stakeholders, and conduct vulnerability and risk assessments.

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