Top Ten Reasons to Go to the Cities Summit

ICLEI Global President and Mayor of Des Moines, Frank Cownie, cordially invites the ICLEI network to attend the Cities Summit of the Americas

“Attending the Cities Summit of the Americas will connect you with the information and the resources needed to tap into the climate investments that are currently being rolled out, and allow you to forge the relationships needed to develop long-term multi-level action on major issues that are going to present local governments in the future.” 

Mayor of Des Moines Frank Cownie and ICLEI Global President 

The Cities Summit of the Americas will take place in Denver on April 26th-28th, with a focus on promoting regional cooperation and uniting subnational leaders from government, civil society, business, academia, youth, culture and the arts, and indigenous and underrepresented groups.

Last week, Ambassador Nina Hachigian, Special Representative for City and State Diplomacy Office of Global Partnerships, addressed the ICLEI USA community, offering her top ten reasons elected leaders and their sustainability staff leads should attend the Summit.

#10 Have Fun 

Get ready to connect with fellow mayors and governors from all over the Western Hemisphere and gain access to invaluable international opportunities and information at the Summit.

#9 Meet and Hear from Mayor Landrieu on the Infrastructure Bill and Inflation Reduction Act Funding

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to network with climate-driven leaders and gain access to crucial financing information to support climate action.

#8 Meet U.S. Cabinet Officials 

Participants will have opportunities to connect with several U.S. Cabinet officials, including the U.S. Secretary of State, along with other high-ranking U.S. officials. 

#7 Get to Know the Point of View of Your Diaspora 

Mayors, Governors, and other attendees will likely engage with counterparts from their countries of origin throughout the Summit.  

#6 Wade Further into the Water on International Engagement 

By participating in the Summit, U.S. attendees can engage with international communities from the comfort of their own country.

#5 Invite Businesses to Expand Economic Growth 

Through the Summit, businesses will have opportunities for new customers and alternative supply chain locations. 

#4 Engage in City-to-City Learning Opportunities 

The State Department will share how your city can become an expert in facilitating sustainable programs for other cities in the hemisphere, with the added benefit of travel funds.

#3 Make History 

You will be a part of history as the State Department hosts this unprecedented Summit for the first time ever.

#2 Meet the Highest Profile Mayors from the Region

During the Summit, you can connect with high-ranking mayors that are likely to be potential candidates for heads of state in their respective countries relatively soon.

#1 Learn About Innovations You May Have Never Heard Of

Explore prime examples of innovation throughout the Summit, including the spread of digital technology from cities like Mexico City, offering valuable insights to help you elevate and enhance your own city.