Sustainability Planning 2020 Cohort Training

Last updated December 9, 2019

Session Dates [TBC]: March 1 – October 31, 2020

Beginning in March 2020, ICLEI will host the “2020 Sustainability Planning Cohort”, a structured technical assistance program to guide local governments through the steps of developing a Sustainability Plan. The Training Session is available to ICLEI USA members at no additional cost. (Estimated value of this offering is $35,000.)

The 7-month session will run from March through October, 2020, when ICLEI USA experts will assist up to 15 communities to develop a Sustainability Plan or update an existing plan.

What assistance will you get?

Program participants will have exclusive access to the following resources:

  • Live, 1-hour web-based presentations
  • Peer exchange and learning, including successful lead city staff presentations
  • One-on-one assistance with GHG inventory and planning features in ClearPath (for communities that plan to include a GHG invenetory update in their sustainability planning process)
  • Sustainability Plan Toolkit, templates, and other resources

Trainings will be held approximately every two weeks to one month and recorded sessions and resources will be made available to all. Session materials will support participants in developing a Sustainabilty Plan or update an existing plan.

Who should participate?

Any ICLEI USA member city, town, county or regional affiliate is eligible to participate. This training cohort is most suitable to communities that have not yet completed a sustainability plan or that otherwise conisder themselves in the beginning stages of sustainability planning. Local governments working with interns are also welcome to apply.

The 2020 Sustainability Planning Cohort will run from March through October 2020. Applications to join are due by Friday, February 14, 2020.

Questions? Contact your ICLEI Technical Advisor or email

Session Schedule

Exact dates will be determined following participant input.

Session 1: Make a Commitment and Identify Champions (Week of March 1)

Session 2: Establish Sustainability Advisory Committee (Week of March 16)

Session 3: Conducting an Audit of Existing Programs (Week of March 30)

Session 4: Community Engagement and Public Outreach (Week of April 13)

Session 5: Goal-Setting: Create Your Sustainability Vision and High-level Targets (Week of May 11)

Session 6: Choosing and Tracking Indicators and Metrics (Week of June 15)

Session 7: Identify and Prioritize Actions (Week of July 20)

Session 8: Implementation and Reporting Progress (Week of August 24)

Session 9: Publishing Sustainability Plans and Communications (Week of September 28)

Session 10: Closing Group Discussion (October, date TBD)

Ready to join the 2020 Sustainability Planning Cohort?

Meet Your Trainers

Eli Yewdall, Senior Program Officer at ICLEI USA (Bio)
Kale Roberts, Senior Program Officer at ICLEI USA (Bio)
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