Low Emission Pathway

A low emission development pathway leads local and regional governments step-by-step toward climate neutrality, stimulates renewable energy, supports existing technologies and nature-based solutions for reducing pollutants and emissions in cities, and promotes urban density and sustainable mobility for people and goods.

Our Programs, Resources, & Tools

ClearPath_OurProgramsICLEI offers a comprehensive and intuitive emissions management system that includes the most advanced frameworks, protocols, management software, and reporting platforms  to measure, plan for, and reduce emissions and energy use.

Our Programs

5 Milestones of Climate Mitigation

From inventory to monitoring, the 5 Milestones of Climate Mitigation is a step-by-step guide to successful emissions management.


All-in-one suite of online tools to complete greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, forecasts, and climate action plans at the community-wide or government operations scale.

CDP – ICLEI Unified Reporting

The world’s largest database on local & subnational climate action and a designated reporting platform of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

Our Network

Emissions_NetworkICLEI helps local governments exchange experiences of and expertise in local climate actions through our Member network, partner network, and through recent initiatives such as the Solutions Gateway where local governments can find possible low-emissions solutions for their city.

Our Services

Emissions_Committment_v3ICLEI technical advisors will help you manage your climate change activities through member support or via fee for service engagements.  Contact us to discuss your community’s  goals.