GHG Inventories 2020 Cohort Training

Updated January 29, 2020

Beginning in January 2020, ICLEI USA will host our 2020 Community GHG Inventory Cohort, a structured technical assistance program to guide local governments through the steps of creating a standard, also called “geographic” or “production-based”, community-wide greenhouse gas inventory in real time. The Training Session is available to ICLEI USA members at no additional cost.

The 18-week Session will run from January into the beginning of May 2020, when ICLEI USA experts will assist up to 20 communities to create a community-wide GHG inventory following either the U.S. Community Protocol (USCP) or Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy’s Common Reporting Framework. 

By the end of the engagment, participants will have conducted a GHG inventory to better influence GHG reduction measures for their community and will be in a good position to move into forecasting emissions change and planning actions for a Climate Action Plan. Note that a Forecasting & Planning Cohort Session is planned to immediately follow, beginning July 2020. (It is not required for a participant to join both cohorts.)

What assistance will you get?

Program participants will have exclusive access to the following resources:

  • Live, 1-hour web-based presentations
  • Peer exchange and learning
  • Data-request and final report templates
  • One-on-one assistance with inventorying

Trainings will be held every two weeks and recorded sessions and resources will be made available to all. Session materials will support participants in conducting a communitywide GHG inventory. 

The estimated value for this offering is $15,000.

Who should participate?

Any ICLEI USA member city, town, county, or regional affiliate is eligible to participate. Priority will be given to local governments that have never completed a community GHG inventory. Local governments working with interns are also welcome to apply.

The 2020 GHG Inventory Cohort will run from January through June 2020. Applications to join closed Friday, January 17, 2020.

Interested in a future round? If you are interested in a future training cycle, contact your ICLEI Technical Advisor or email

Session Schedule

Final dates subject to change based on participant input.

Session 1: Intro to GHG management (January 29)

Session 2:  Data Collection for Energy, Solid Waste, Wastewater, and Water Delivery (February 12)

Session 3: Data Collection for On- and Off-road Transportation (February 26)

Session 4: Data Collection for Airport and Waterborne Transportation (March 11)

Session 5: Data Entry One-on-one check-ins (Week of March 25)

One-on-one check-ins (Weeks of March 30 – May 4)

Session 6: Data Quality Assurance and Quality Checks for GHG Inventories (May 13)

Session 7: Reporting Emissions Data to Interenal and External Stakeholders (May 27)

Final One-on-One Check-ins and Preparation for Target-Setting Cohort (Week of June 1)

Meet Your Trainers

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