Pingtung engages in Global 100% RE Cities and Regions Network: Aspen and Maui

This post is reprinted from ICLEI global:  Magistrate Men-An Pan, head of the Pingtung County local government in Chinese Taipei, made a public commitment to explore a 100 renewable energy target and to be an active participant in the Global 100% Renewable Energy Cities and Regions Network. This commitment was formalized in a public signing at […]

Second World Assembly toward Habitat III

Looking toward the future of sustainable development and the New Urban Agenda, local and regional governments and networks from around the world convened this week at the first session of the Second World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments in New York City. Their input into the United Nations Habitat III Conference on Housing and […]

Sex Tips. Temperature Play

Looking for sex tips to spice things up? There are many ways to do this, but one method that many couples are unfamiliar with is to include hot and cold play in the bedroom. Changing the temperature can awaken nerve endings and the circulatory system, bringing pleasure to the hearts and minds of both partners. […]

Agenda for leadership in existing buildings

The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action) released today its 2020 Leadership Agenda for Existing Commercial and Multifamily Buildings.  In which of the six agenda areas does your local government excel? Learn how ClearPath and California’s SEEC program can take you there.

Take a Leap! EcoMobility

This Leap Day, make a commitment to improve access to public transit, cycling, and walking in your community.  See how Johannesburg addressed health and equity issues through ICLEI’s EcoMobility Festival!

ICLEI and partners COP21 update: Compact of Mayors

Mayor Frank Cownie COP21

During a side event of COP21 – December 7 in Paris ICLEI and its partners provided an update to the UNFCCC negotiators with the achievements of the Compact of Mayors and created a dialogue to explore options for enhanced engagement of local and subnational governments in raising the level of ambition and accelerating climate action at all levels based on the outcomes of the COP21 in Paris.

U.S. Transformative Action Projects on Stage at COP21

Today in Paris, four transformative U.S. climate projects took stage at COP21. Moderated by ICLEI USA Efficiency and Renewables Director, Angie Fyfe, the panel included Boulder Colorado’s resilience project and three California projects: transport in Santa Monica, Community Choice Aggregation of renewables in Richmond, and carbon sequestration in San Francisco.

Leading by Example with Sustainable Procurement at COP21

ICLEI USA is pleased to announce that Denver is the first U.S. city to join the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement. Congratulations to Mayor Michael Hancock and his team for their leadership in linking up with Seoul, Cape Town, Auckland, Rotterdam, and others and their acknowledgement that good procurement takes into account social, environmental, and economic impacts.

Defending the Clean Power Plan

On November 5th, ICLEI’s Local Climate Leaders Circle – a delegation of U.S. local elected officials who will travel with ICLEI USA to COP21 in Paris – issued a letter to EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy to underscore the importance of the Clean Power Plan to an international climate agreement. A delay in implementing the Clean Power Plan will considerably undermine the ability of the U.S. to negotiate with other countries for a meaningful agreement in Paris.