Race to Zero

Leaders in the Race

These leaders are committing to bold targets and immediate action to put their communities on the path to climate neutrality

ICLEI USA members in the Race to Zero

Mayor Melvin Carter

Saint Paul, Minnesota

“The City of Saint Paul stands with communities across our nation as part of Cities Race to Zero”

Commissioner Anna Hansen

Santa Fe County, New Mexico

“Santa Fe County is dedicated to achieving climate neutrality and protecting our stunning landscape.”

Ravi Bhalla

Hoboken, New Jersey

“I’m proud to say that the City of Hoboken is a proud participant in the Race to Zero”

Mayor Sam Liccardo

San José, California

“In partnership with cities throughout the world, we can create a more sustainable planet, particularly for our most vulnerable communities.”

Mayor Melanie Piana

Ferndale, Michigan

“Ferndale is committed to doing our part as a small city to impact the global effort to address climate change.”

President of Council Linda Slocum

Oberlin, Ohio

“Oberlin remains committed to reaching our goals related to greenhouse gas emissions.”

Mayor Joy Cooper

Hallandale Beach, Florida

“We are taking climate change seriously by joining the Cities Race to Zero… The climate crisis requires bold action now.”

Mayor Steven Fulop

Jersey City, New Jersey

“I’m proud to be a part of this global call to action to promote a healthier, cleaner, and more resilient environment now and for future generations to come.”

Mayor Steven Grant

Boynton Beach, Florida

“Participating in Race to Zero will give our City the needed support to accelerate our commitment and provide an actionable roadmap toward a healthier and greener future for all our residents.”

Mayor Lauren Poe

Gainesville, Florida

“In Gainesville, our mission is to center equity in all decisions we make on behalf of our community. This includes working towards a sustainable city now and for our future.”

Select Board

Acton, Massachusetts

“Town of Acton residents declared a Climate Emergency last year, demonstrating their commitment to a better, more sustainable future for all.”

Mayor Paul

Town of Davie, Florida

The people of Davie are champions of the environment and we look forward to working with the other participating local governments around the world to develop pathways to a zero carbon future.”

Mayor Will Hall

Shoreline, Washington

“Shoreline is committed to reducing our fair share of greenhouse gas emissions and working towards a
more sustainable, equitable, and resilient future.”

Mayor Torre

Aspen, Colorado 

“Race to Zero is important to Aspen’s City Council and the community because it shows our commitment to meaningful climate action and demonstrates to the world that Aspen is invested in the global climate future.”

Mayor Scott J. Brook

Coral Springs, Florida

“On behalf of the City of Coral Springs Commissioners and Leadership, I am incredibly pleased that our city has joined the Race to Zero and, by doing so, has solidified our commitment to climate neutrality by 2050.”

Mayor Emily Larson

Duluth, MN

“It is so important for municipalities to lead clearly, boldly, and strategically and to do as much as possible as local governments, in many ways, are the last dam in terms of
combating and holding back climate change. We know there is tremendous work to do and we’ve already invested in solar and moved away from coal. My goal remains making Duluth the greenest city in the country and joining the Race to Zero and committing to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions is a key to meeting this goal.”

Council Member Kelly T. King

Maui County, Hawaii

“The Race to Zero is a sprint, not a marathon. The current U.S. President has stated his concern and support for climate action. Globally, we all need to act, and we need to act now, with determination, intelligence and compassion.”

Mayor Sam Weaver

Boulder, Colorado

“Cities are where integrated solutions, backed up by ambitious policy and urban planning, will be critical in creating the systemic change needed to create more sustainable, equitable and prosperous world”

Mayor Ron Nirenberg

San Antonio, Texas

“The Race to Zero initiative will be instrumental for accelerating the strategies detailed in San Antonio’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050”.

Mayor Buddy Dyer

Orlando, Florida

“The impact of COVID-19 further emphasizes the immediate need to address challenges like energy burden, food insecurity, digital divide, and affordable housing. Joining the Cities Race to Zero campaign will further our commitments in these areas.”

Mayor Daniella Levine Cava

Miami-Dade County, Florida

“No one goverenment or community group can accomplish this alone. We’re in a race requiring determination and unprecedented teamwork as we hand the baton off to each other.”

Mayor Casillas Salas

Chula Vista, California

“Climate change is already impacting our community, but by achieving our Race to Zero goals, we can minimize its impact and set an example for how to work together to address climate change globally.”

Commissioner Sue Shink

Washtenaw County, Michigan

“Our community depends on a stable climate for our quality of life. Reaching carbon neutrality while advocating for broader systemic changes is what we can work on with the resources we have.”

Mayor Donna Meyers

Santa Cruz, California

“The Race to Zero is aligned with the City of Santa Cruz’s climate commitments providing support critical to identifying our community’s most equitable pathway to carbon neutrality.”

Council Member Robert Werner

Concord, New Hampshire

“Joining communities across the globe to highlight climate ambition and support the transition to a clean energy economy is an opportunity to continue to drive local action.”

Mayor Justin Wilson

Alexandria, Virginia

“The City of Alexandria joins the global Cities Race to Zero campaign to demonstrate our commitment and leadership to support the global effort to drive climate action solutions.”

Mayor Barbara Halliday

Hayward, California

“As a leader in environmental protection and green practices in the San Francisco Bay Area, the City of Hayward is proud to join the Race to Zero and work with communities across the nation to create a more resilient environment now and for generations to come.”

Mayor Clint Folsom

Town of Superior, Colorado

“The Town of Superior is excited and grateful for the opportunity to join the global Cities Race to Zero and are committed to making climate action and sustainability one of our main priorities.”

Mayor Jeni Arndt

Fort Collins, Colorado

“Joining Cities Race to Zero means taking bold and accelerated action to address these impacts for Fort Collins and doing our part for global climate change.”

Mayor Steve Geller

Broward County, Florida 

“As a coastal community, where most of our landscape is mere inches or feet above sea level, Broward County is on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Broward is proud to take our place among hundreds of other local governments and thousands of groups around the world in the Race to Zero! Let’s get to work!”

Mayor Andy Schor

City of Lansing, Michigan

“Since first taking office, I have been committed to sustainability and climate action planning.  I look forward to this program enhancing our work toward a more sustainable world.”

Chairman Fosbury

Blaine County, Idaho

As a small, rural community, the Cities Race to Zero offers a like-minded community of leaders that shares our resolve to take far-reaching actions.”

Mayor DuBois

 Palo Alto, California

“We have set an aggressive goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent below 1990 levels by the year 2030, which represents our fair share of the global 50% emissions reduction needed. We recognize the global climate emergency and are proud to be a part of the solution by thinking globally and acting locally.”

Mayor Bradshaw

Ketchum, Idaho

“We’re committed to taking ambitious and positive climate actions for the benefit of generations to come.”

Mayor Burke

Hailey, Idaho

“We are committed to achieving ambitious clean energy goals to protect the Big Wood River watershed, the heart and soul of our community.”

Chief Climate Officer Rink

Denver, Colorado

“Denver stands with ICLEI member cities and nation around the world to confront this existential crisis, and the Race to Zero is the most valuable framework for achieving our goals.”

Mayor Kim Baxter

Durango, Colorado

“The climate emergency cannot be solved by any one community alone, we must all do our part to reach our crucial collective goals. As a rural mountain town, our climate impact may not be as large as a city of millions, but communities like ours stand on the front lines when it comes to feeling the impacts of climate change.”

Mayor Nicola Armacost

Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

“The Race to Zero is one of the most important initiatives of our time, and setting science-based targets to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 is a key step enabling Hastings-on-Hudson to do its part.”

Vice President of Council Patricia DeMarco

Borough of Forest Hills, Pennsylvania 

“Through Proclamation and by action of the Forest Hills Borough Council, we have resolved to adhere to the Climate Action Goals of the Paris Climate Accord of 2015 and have established a goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions throughout the community by 2050.

Mayor Dean Trantalis

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“As a city on the front lines of the climate change impacts of sea-level rise, it is imperative that the City of Fort Lauderdale join communities across the globe in the effort to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions and lessen those impacts.”

Mayor Lauren McLean

Boise, Idaho

“Working with the ICLEI150 initiative’s team of climate experts, Boise will identify and implement high-impact emissions reduction actions that will clean up our air, support green economic recovery, and spur local innovation.”

Mayor Rick Kriseman

St. Petersburg, Florida

“The CRTZ [Cities Race to Zero] network and commitments will help us learn together, further measure impact against science-based targets, and share out the positive outcomes for our collective futures.”

Commissioner Brigid Shea

Travis County, Texas

Mayor Hudspeth

Denton, Texas

Mayor Brantz

Town of Boone, North Carolina

Former Mayor Bill Peduto

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mayor Frank Cownie

Des Moines, Iowa

Mayor Christopher Taylor

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mayor Fleetwood

Bellingham, Washington

Mayor Sandeen

Lexington, Massachusetts 

Mayor Sue Himmelrich

Santa Monica, California