Race to Zero

Join the UNFCC Race to Zero

There are two main ways ICLEI USA members can join the Race to Zero:

  • Joining the Race to Zero by signing, at the head-of-organization level, the commitment form and sending it to Kale Roberts at kale.roberts@iclei.org. ICLEI will report your participation in the Race to Zero and work with your team to accomplish each step of the race; or
  • Sign up on the Cities Race to Zero portal.

Start your Race to Zero journey

Schedule a call with your membership advisor to scope your Race to Zero journey. If you have yet to join ICLEI, schedule a call with Kale Roberts. During this call, you will discuss:

  • How to join the Race to Zero
  • Your Race to Zero priorities
  • Your work plan for achieving the Race to Zero steps of pledge, plan, proceed, and publish.