Resilient Communities for America

A growing leadership campaign of more than 200 local elected officials who are committing to taking action on resilience and sharing their success stories.


What is Resilient Communities for America (RC4A)?

Resilient Communities for America is a leadership campaign for local elected officials who commit to taking action on resilience and sharing their success stories in ICLEI’s carbonn Climate Registry, the largest local climate action reporting platform in the world. Signatories gain access to a variety of exclusive, no-cost resources, including access to events and networking, federal policy engagement opportunities, and technical tools. Highlights since the campaign launch in 2013 include the 2014 Federal Policy Initiative, which provided recommendations to the President’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, and the Local Climate Leaders Circle, which is supporting a delegation of local officials engaging in the Paris COP21 and other policy dialogues.

The campaign is a partnership between ICLEI, National League of Cities, US Green Building Council, and World Wildlife Fund, along with a host of other respected organizations that leverage the campaign to reach local governments with valuable resources.

Visit the campaign website at to learn more.


Why RC4A?

  • Provides a way for local officials to demonstrate their leadership in creating stronger, safer, and more prosperous communities.
  • Offers a clearinghouse for finding no-cost resources available through a growing group of partner organizations, like ICLEI, NLC, USGBC, WWF, World Resources Institute, ACEEE, Alliance to Save Energy, and others.
  • Demonstrates the power of a growing movement of local governments who are prepared to partner with other agencies and the private sector in building a more resilient nation.


RC4A Features

  • Local officials sign the Resilient Communities for America Agreement and are recognized for their commitment.
  • Signatory communities utilize resources like ICLEI’s ClearPath software and climate communications guidance, network with like-minded officials at NLC events, and participate in opportunities to engage in national and international policy discussions.


Join RC4A

If you are a Mayor, city council member, or county official, be recognized for your leadership today by signing the Resilient Communities for Agreement at

To become a partner and join a growing group of service providers who are channeling resources to leading communities, contact Brian Holland, ICLEI’s Director of Climate Programs, for more information at


Your ICLEI Support

RC4A provides a variety of no-cost resources to get a community started down the path to resilience. Local governments interested going further should consider joining ICLEI as a member to gain access to powerful software tools, technical assistance, and high-profile leadership opportunities.


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