California-China Urban Climate Collaborative

A dynamic, new long-term exchange between cities in California and China seeking to reduce carbon and air pollution and advance the clean energy economy.



What is the California-China Urban Climate Collaborative (CCUCC)

Launched in late 2015, the California-China Urban Climate Collaborative (CCUCC) program has been designed to institutionalize participating cities’ knowledge through a peer-to-peer exchange in the climate action planning area. This multilateral knowledge exchange will assist cities to be more efficient in the climate action planning process, will inspire friendly competition among cities to set higher emission reduction targets and will result in scaling up local solutions to address the climate change challenges.



  • Mutually beneficial bi-/multilateral climate collaboration opportunities, where participating cities can tap into existing resources and technical knowledge and simultaneously highlight their successes and best practices.
  • Builds organizational capacity for climate action planning through the provision of tools, resources, and access to leading experts
  • Bridges clean energy technology industry and cities through network events and ongoing technical and programmatic assistance
  • Resultant emissions reductions, knowledge creation and replicable urban climate solutions will contribute towards a healthier, more sustainable and prosperous global urban future
  • Increased trade opportunities associated with the investment required for low carbon development


CCUCC Features

  • Tools and technical support
  • Emissions reduction workshops
  • Access to a panel of leading experts
  • Cities Climate Network
  • Technology solutions



Your ICLEI Support

ICLEI will serve as a facilitator, trainer, and supporter of participating California and China cities in CCUCC, but all ICLEI members can benefit from this initiative; ICLEI members outside of California will be provided with updates on progress of the initiative and allowed access to tools that can be applied to their own communities.


CCUCC Partners

Key Partners:
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The California-China Office of Trade and Investment
The Bay Area Council
The Asia Society
California Energy Commission
California Environmental Protection Agency


CCUCC is provided through funding by the Energy Foundation