SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership

A team of experts that can help communities address the most common solar issues including permitting, interconnection and net metering, financing, planning, zoning, community solar, and outreach.


What is Solar Outreach Partnership

The Solar Outreach Partnership (SolarOPs) is designed to help accelerate solar energy adoption on the local level by providing timely and actionable information to local governments. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) SunShot Initiative and led by ICLEI USA in partnership with ICMA, SolarOPs achieves its goals through a mix of direct technical assistance, educational workshops, peer-to-peer sharing opportunities, research-based reports, and online resources.


Why Solar Outreach Partnership

  • Job creation
  • Investment in local economy
  • Local business growth
  • Reduction of barriers to solar development
  • Clean, sustainable energy for communities
  • Reduced energy costs for businesses, governments, and homeowners

Solar Outreach Partnership Features

  • Conducts outreach and shares best practices for increasing solar energy use through webinars, toolkits, reports, and workshops
  • Works in partnership with industry experts and national membership associations to enable expansion of local solar markets across the US
  • Provides information and support in key solar implementation categories, such as solar policies and regulations; financial incentives; workforce training; and utility and community engagement



Your ICLEI Support

As a lead partner on the program, ICLEI supports its members in education on and access to SolarOPs resources, and then provides guidance on how to take solar action within their local area. Ask your ICLEI representative today about how your community can benefit from SolarOPs.


Join the Solar Outreach Partnership

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Solar Outreach Partnership Partners

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Benefits of Solar

Solar energy is a proven alternative for fossil fuel based energy. There are many reasons to pursue solar in your community:

  • Clean: The lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of solar PV are twenty times less than those from coal-based energy and approximately 12 times less than emissions from natural gas-based energy (Source: IPCC).
  • Accessible: The amount of energy received from sun in one hour is more than the energy used globally in one year. U.S. homeowners with proper solar access have the potential to produce the majority of their energy used with solar PV.
  • Efficient: In a scarce water era, the amount of water used for energy production is an important consideration. Solar PV systems on average use no water, while coal-based energy requires between 364 to 1,438 gallons of water and natural gas-based energy requires 583 gallons (Source: Western Resource Advocates-A Sustainable Path Meeting Nevada’s Water and Energy Demands. 2008).
  • Resilient: Solar energy is a path for resilient future. Solar PV systems provide more reliable energy sources compared to conventional energy by producing more energy during peak use hours, withstanding extreme weather, and operating off-grid if needed.
  • Economically viable: It is estimated that 9.1 million of the single-family homeowners in America’s 50 largest cities are living in a city where solar energy cost is lower than their current energy rate (Source: NC Clean Energy Technology Center-Going Solar in America. 2015).