The EcoMobility programs aids communities in developing locally-specific approaches that promote the integrated use of socially inclusive and environmentally friendly transportation options, including walking, cycling, wheeling, and passenging


What is EcoMobiity

EcoMobility is travel using integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally-friendly transport options. By enabling citizens and organizations to access goods, services, and information in a sustainable manner, EcoMobility supports citizens’ quality of life, increases travel choices, and promotes social cohesion.

Why EcoMobility

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and congestion
  • Improve air quality
  • Provide equitable transit options
  • Improve local economies
  • Improve safety for biking and walking
  • Increase quality of life


EcoMobility Program Features

The EcoMobility Alliance; a peer network of cities, counties, and regions will learn to employ a variety of transportation options, such as:

  • Walking (the most natural and sustainable way of moving)
  • Cycling, velomobile, wheelchair
  • Scooters and skates
  • Public transport here referred to as “passenging”. This includes the use of buses, trams, subways, light rail, trains, ferries, collective taxis or even normal taxis, if low-emission
  • Car sharing services
  • Electric vehicles, especially those supported by renewable energy

Many other devices can help citizens in adopting EcoMobile behaviors, such as walking aids, trailers, hand carts, shopping carts, trolleys, or carrying aids.


Your ICLEI Support

ICLEI will facilitate participation in the EcoMobility Program through an introductory information session, assist participants with the onboarding processes and program implementation, and designate a point of contact to address any questions about the program. ICLEI members receive priority status.



Local governments are encouraged to participate in the EcoMobility Alliance, explore the EcoMobility SHIFT tool, or experience the EcoMobility Festival. For further information contact Angie Fyfe


The EcoMobility Alliance brings together cities with strong willingness to provide urban mobility that meets the needs of people. Through the peer-sharing of these vibrant Alliance cities, strong leadership is showcased, paving an EcoMobility path for others.Congratulations to ICLEI USA EcoMobility Alliance cities Boulder, CO and Portland, OR.Through collective learning exercises, peer-to-peer exchanges, and joint activities, Alliance Cities support each other in reaching their targets.

Cities around the world implement various projects to improve the urban mobility situation and deliver a quality transportation system for the citizens. In many cases the quality of the system is measured in isolation or for a specific project. In order to enable the city to have a complete overview of the transport performance and thus deliver a transport system with high quality, a measuring tool is required. EcoMobility SHIFT attempts to fill the need of many cities to identify their current transport performance. By implementing the SHIFT tool, cities measure their existing transport performance and identify the areas for improvement. Upon obtaining a certain score the city has the option to have its performance audited by a certified external auditor. Once the audit is completed the city becomes eligible to receive an EcoMobility label, thus enabling the city to measure its performance against other cities in the region and throughout the world.