100% Renewable Energy Network

The 100% Renewable Energy Network aims to assemble, assist, and advance a network of communities powered by, transitioning to, or aspiring to reach 100% renewable energy through provision of cutting-edge tools and resources, expert guidance, peer-to-peer exchange opportunities, leadership recognition, and global visibility.

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What is the 100% Renewable Energy Network

The 100% Renewable Energy Network is a convenient and free platform to highlight the leadership and best practices of communities powered by or aspiring to be powered by 100% renewable energy (100% RE).

The network’s repository of collective 100% RE technical knowhow provides a forum for solution-oriented 100% RE dialogue. It is as much a 100% RE center as it is a bridge to relate and support achievement of national and international targets.

This inclusive and interactive resource center provides access to renewable energy and energy efficiency experts, tools, and latest findings and reports.


Why 100% RE Network

As a member of the 100% Renewable Energy Network, a community receives:

  • Visibility and recognition of its leadership and achievements on the national and international platforms
  • Immediate access to a network of leading communities and their collective 100%RE technical knowhow and policy innovations
  • Thematic guidance, workshops and technical support
  • Access to distinguished renewable energy and energy efficiency experts
  • Global spotlight to promote local solutions and service providers
  • Free access to the latest findings and reports
  • A seat in the 100%RE e-forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue


100% RE Network Features:

  • A convenient platform and a facilitator ensuring timely and uninterrupted flow of knowledge across a growing network of 100%RE communities:
    • Facilitated peer-to-peer exchange
    • Thematic guidance, workshop, and technical support
  • A repository of vast accumulation of 100%RE best practices, technical knowhow, and policy innovations:
    • Latest market and policy development
    • Success stories and case studies of communities already powered by or well on their way to achieving 100% renewable energy
  • A global spotlight celebrating and recognizing leadership and achievements:
    • Visibility and profiling of local leadership and solutions on the global level
    • The UN Climate Summit in New York (Sept. 2015)
    • The Cities and Regions Pavilion in Paris during the UNFCCC COP21 (Dec. 2015)
  • An inclusive and interactive learning community:
    • Access to experiences of national initiatives on 100%RE
    • Guidance from distinguished renewable energy and energy efficiency experts


Join the 100% RE Network

If your community has a 100% RE target in at least one sector or has a clear political interest in exploring the 100% RE pathway, you can become a part of the 100% RE Network.

Joining is done upon invitation. It is free of charge, although additional services may be offered at a fee, and can be done in two easy steps:

1) Fill- in the form to join and send it by email to 100re.network@iclei.org (we can send it to you);

2) Create a reporting profile in the carbonn® Climate Registry (or updating existing profile).


Your ICLEI Support

In recognition of your membership with us, ICLEI members will receive:

  • Tailored info-session briefing you on the 100% Renewable Energy Network
  • Designated staff members walking you step by step throughout the onboarding process
  • 100%RE member line addressing any questions you may have about the network
  • Customized capacity building opportunities helping you transition to 100% RE