Five Milestones of Emissions Management

The Five Milestones of Emissions Management is a proven framework for local communities to tackle carbon pollution.



What is the Five Milestones Framework?

The Five Milestones build on ICLEI’s over 20 years of experience as the leader in local emissions management. Over 1000 communities nationwide have benefited from ICLEI’s well-managed approach to building more sustainable, climate-friendly communities. The proven Five Milestones framework offers a systematic approach for analyzing baseline greenhouse gas emissions, developing an emissions reduction target, developing and implementing a climate action plan, and monitoring emissions reduction progress. This framework helps you reduce energy costs, be a responsible steward of the global environment, and improve quality of life for your community.


Five Milestones

Why the Five Milestones

  • A systematic framework for measuring and managing your emissions
  • Powerful ClearPath online data management tool
  • Leverage standards and protocols developed by and for local governments
  • Get recognized for your leadership with milestone awards for completion of each step
  • Comprehensive online training library
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions documents
  • ICLEI’s expert on-call technical assistance


Five Milestones Features

  • Comprehensive online training library
  • Detailed step-by step guidance
  • ICLEI’s expert technical assistance is a phone call away



Start Using the Five Milestones

Join ICLEI today to get started on the Five Milestones and gain access to the powerful ClearPath tool that will help you achieve your milestones. We welcome cities, counties, and regions of all sizes, and will support you through each step to reach your sustainability goals.


Your ICLEI Support

ICLEI empowers local government staff with the knowledge and tools to create greenhouse gas inventories and climate action plans in-house. This approach can save your community tens of thousands of dollars compared to hiring a consultant, and builds long-term capacity to effectively address emissions and energy use. And ICLEI wrote the standards for local greenhouse gas accounting — the Local Government Operations Protocol and Community Protocol — so no one understands them better. With the support of ICLEI experts and sharing of knowledge between peer local governments in the network, local government staff can more easily understand and manage emissions in their communities.