Nature Pathway

Nature provides diverse life-supporting and life-enhancing contributions to people in and around cities and towns (SCBD CBO, 2012).  These gifts from nature make human life both possible and worth living.  All cities and regions critically depend on healthy interconnected ecosystems within and around them, so it is essential that nature is fully integrated into urban planning and development.  There is a growing urgency and body of evidence for collective and large scale action to protect the biodiversity in and around our cities to prevent irreversible loss and damage to the natural systems we depend on (IPBES, 2019).

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Climate Finance ProgramsICLEI Members are committed to the protection and enhancement of the biodiversity and ecosystems in and around our cities as the very lives, livelihoods, health and wellbeing of their communities depend – either directly or indirectly – on the health of nature surrounding us and indeed on Earth itself.  Healthy, functioning ecosystems and rich local biodiversity are essential components to build and strengthen the resilience of growing urban and surrounding communities, their associated socio-political structures; the circular systems on which we depend for everyday goods and services, and to ensure sustainable urban infrastructure.

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Become part of this unique initiative that recognizes and enhances the value of nature in and around cities across the world. ICLEI’s CitiesWithNature provides a shared platform for cities, counties, and regions and their partners to engage and connect, working with shared commitment towards a more sustainable urban world.